Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The heart of a child - Lessons from Zambia

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"Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!" - 1 John 3:1

How awesome is that? Looking into the original Greek word for children is the word τέκνον pronounced tek-non. It doesn't just mean child - but it more accurately means someone who depends upon something. More leaning towards a child rather than a son/daughter

If you check out the video here, my friend Rapson allowed me to interview him shortly on his life in Zambia and what the Church has done for him.

Before I get more into it, just a little background of the service in Zambia. The Coptic Church has a health clinic, (free to those who can't afford it) a school, (also free to those who can't afford it) and most importantly an open heart to anyone who needs comfort.

Upon asking him what the Church has done for him, he talks about the school, learning, etc.. and closes with saying "teaches us to be a good servant". I continued with other questions, but in my mind I was screaming, WHHATTT?!? How old is this kid? This is what he thinks about? When I was 11 years old I was picking my nose and playing Super Mario Bros. It's pretty amazing that he is on this thinking level, but let's take a step back and see what caused this.

He said the Church has helped him learn these things and give him a home among other things. I would rather focus on how we can do that, as opposed to criticizing our kids and churches here, especially the latter.  We would see a video like this, or hear it anywhere, that churches provide many things for people, and we could just become bitter towards our church that it may not do the same things, and leave it at that. 

What about the fact that WE are called to be the church? Yes, we may not have all the resources to start our own school or hospital, but look past that. When can we become the place for nourishment for yearning souls? When can we become the well to draw from? When can we become what we are called to be like - created in the Image of God? "God is LOVE" 1 John 4:16

"For to love is to give, give until it hurts. Because when we have nothing, God becomes everything" - Mama Maggie

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