About Me

Well.. what about me?

I'm no special guy.. I grew up in NJ, went to college here, and work here. Didn't get into much trouble as a kid, grew up in the Coptic Orthodox Church, went to Sunday school and all that..

Upon graduation, I took my first mission trip to Kenya - then I realized I was a special guy. Not by any power of my own, but by the grace and love of God, "that we would be called children of God" 1 John 3:1.  Once I really grasped onto this idea, and how much God has done in my life that I've overlooked, I realized that I have a special mission given to me by God - to share His love for me with others, and to try to help others do the same.

Realizing God's transforming power in my life and those around me, I've decided to really accept that mission and begin transforming myself and, by His grace, try to help bring others along for the ride.

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