Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My first post!

So this is whats going on in my head:

1. Just finished my last college exam yesterday
2. Don't have a job yet
3. Trying to get my spiritual life back on track
4. Just realized that the 3rd thing going on in my head is working on my spiritual life, which is probably my problem because its not my first priority lol
5. What better way to feel grown up than to pretend my thoughts matter :)

So first thing, I did not know what a blog was until a friend who will remain nameless (Nader A Abadir), created one. I thought it was corny at first, but it actually helped my spiritual life.

I'm not a mentor, spiritual advisor, or anyone for that matter (hence the name of my blog).
A laborer of the eleventh hour - I come at the last minute to God, and expect to receive the best treatment. Lo and behold, He gives me that treatment, but I dont deserve it.

I'm a struggling Christian that blames it on the environment around me, but I know it has nothing to do with that.
So I'll post my thoughts and experiences, and thats about it. :)


  1. Awesome! :)

    I hope you keep up this blog. I find it definitely does help spiritually!

    Tweet tweet